The Largest Greek Chain of Stores in Europe!

After 22 years of successful operations and disposing of 450 retail outlets in 6 countries (Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) GERMANOS Chain of Stores is nowadays, the largest Greek Chain of Telecommunications Goods and Services Stores in Europe. The field of the Chain's activities has now become a geographical area with a population exceeding 100 million inhabitants.

It is worth noting that the Chain serves 30,000 consumers throughout Greece on a daily basis, while on an annual basis, it serves over 8 million customers.

The consumer can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of GERMANOS Chain of Stores' personnel through the Group's retail outlets. Our experienced and perfectly qualified staff, undertakes the consumer's "training", by providing him with advice on how to cover his telecommunications needs in an integrated manner. In this way, the consumer saves time and money by making the correct choices. Thus, the Chain's stores become «one-stop shops» for all telecommunications goods and services.

 GERMANOS Chain of Stores, selects its people by applying very high standards. Furthermore it ensures an excellent working environment. It provides constant training to its personnel in order to guarantee the high quality of the services it offers, as well as it ensures full support to its franchisees in relation to the products and services they distribute.


The Naxos Branch

The Naxos Germanos branch is located next to the Junior High School of Chora Naxos.  This branch is well-known locally for its friendly and effective service.



 Everyday the Chain "Connects with technology" 30.000 consumers, by covering on an integrated manner their telecommunication needs.

 With over 270 retail outlets in operation, GERMANOS Chain of Stores covers the whole of Greece, by having always as a guiding light for its activities the technological specialisation, excellent consumer service and a friendly environment. The previous factors are contributing to the corporate vision of "connecting the ordinary person with technology".

 GERMANOS Chain of stores offers to consumers the fullest selection of telecommunications goods and services. In every retail outlet of the Chain, the merchandise is clearly displayed by subject, allowing the visitor to have direct access to the separate section with the products he is interested in. The products are divided into the following sections:


Mobile Telephony Section

 Cosmote and Telestet mobile telephony connections are available, as well as all models of mobile phones, since it constantly renews its selection with the most advanced models, while it covers all the requirements and preferences of the consumer through a full range of accessories. Furthermore, the stores offer other significant services, such as the payment of Cosmote bills etc.


Fixed Telephony Section

 OTE fixed telephony products and services have been available since the beginning of 2002. Thus the Chain offers ISDN connections, new PSTN connections (the classical telephone connection), as well as various digital facilities.


Internet Section

 GERMANOS Chain of Stores has entered the Internet market as a connection producer with the GERMANOSNET virtual ISP. Additionally, it is offering a variety of alternative for Internet subscriptions with the largest Internet Providers: OTEnet, Forthnet, Internet Hellas and Hellas On Line.


Telecommunications/Digital Technology Section

 Wireless and wired telephone devices, laptops, faxes, palmtop computers, organisers, electronic diaries, ISDN technology products, as well as digital cable products and services are available in this section (NOVA & ALPHA DIGITAL).


Battery Section

 It covers the majority of the consumer's needs in autonomous energy products, from the simplest to the most specialised.

 Games Section

 It offers the most developed consoles and the latest software titles.


Small Electronic Devices Section

 Conventional and digital photography cameras, MP3 Players, digital video cameras, portable CD Players, walkmans, watches, PDAs, as well as a full range of consumable goods are available in this section.


Service Section

 Having ensured the authorisation of the largest manufacturers, the chain provides high quality service for mobile phone devices. In addition, the same section undertakes the repair of a large range of electronic devices, as well as the replacement of their batteries.

At the same time, GERMANOS Chain of Stores offers to the consumer the ability of obtaining information electronically, through its web address (, on the Chain's matters and offers, as well as on cultural and technological matters. Users may also take part in open electronic discussions, send e-mails with their comments, queries and observations to the Company and transact their purchases with security through the e-shop.



 In its constant effort to maximize the efficiency and the quality of its business relations with all categories of customer, GERMANOS Chain of Stores introduced the GERMANOS Magna service in March 2001. This service, substantiated by the GERMANOS Magna reliability card, shall constitute the vehicle for interactive communications with the customer and the means of providing superior goods and services, enhancing in this way the reliability of GERMANOS Chain of Stores.



 GERMANOS Chain of Stores has undertaken a new initiative of particular importance, which is the exploitation of the capabilities provided by e-learning technology. A central, virtual training centre called G.e-school, takes full advantage of all available pioneering training practices. The Live Internet Play communication of the trainee with the trainer gives, those taking parts in the virtual class, the ability of receiving information and answers to any of their queries in real time. The speed with which knowledge is transmitted to trainees, the abolishing of geographical distances, the simultaneous training of a large number of employees and the reduction in training costs, are some of the multiple advantages of the new pioneering training practices, applied by GERMANOS Chain of Stores.


A strategically significant presence at the International Airport «Ålefterios Venizelos»

GERMANOS Chain of Stores argued that its presence at the International Airport Elefterios Venizelos would be of a strategic importance. Thus a model Store of the Chain began its operation from the beginning of 2001 parallel with the beginning of the Airport's operations. Not only as a further point of sale but mainly, as an area displaying advanced technological products to a multinational consumer public, familiar with the international markets.


A strong international presence

 GERMANOS Chain of Stores' success extends beyond the Greek borders and adjusts itself to the conditions and particularities of each local market according to the successful growth model applied in Greece.

Today, it is already actively engaged in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

 In the middle of 2002, the number of GERMANOS Chain Stores in the above countries was 184. GERMANOS Chain of Stores' immediate plans include the further strengthening of its activities in the above countries, while at the same time it is examining its presence in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in the South Eastern Mediterranean.

 Having developed a strategically structured expansion plan, the Chain expects to be operating 700 retail outlets by the end of 2003. GERMANOS Chain of Stores has consolidated its position at the top of the Greek market through this business policy and it is expanding the horizon of its prospects for growth in the European markets.


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