Local Transport


You can travel within the island either by Bus (tel. 22850-22291) or by Taxi (tel. 22850-22444). The main bus station and the taxis are  just outside the port, and very close to the tourist information center.  Note the above phone numbers are as dialled from within Greece or Naxos.

There is also a FREE minibus service that takes you around www.poloralphlaurenaustralia.biz the main town and stops at all main points of Chora Naxos.

naxos bus timetable 2008

 Bus Destinations


From Chora Naxos:

  • Agios Prokopios
  • Agia Anna
  • Apollonas
  • Apiranthos
  • Chalki
  • Danakos
  • Damarionas
  • Eggares
  • Filoti
  • Keramoti
  • Melanes
  • Kinidaros
  • Komiaki (Koronida)
  • Koronos
  • Mikri Vigla
  • Moutsouna
  • Plaka
  • Potamia
  • Pyrgaki
  • Sagkri
  • Stelida (Eklissaki)
  • Tripodes
  • Tsikalario

From Agios Arsenios:

  • Plaka


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