Sports and Outdoor Activities on Naxos


There are plenty of opportunities for sports on Naxos.  Windsurfing, Sailing, Swimming, Beach Volley, Basketball, Football, Mountain Biking, and Hiking are some of the sports you can easily do on the island.

Windsurfing in particular is very popular in some areas of the island such as Opposite the Airport.  The wind there is just perfect for those who love to surf.  In our shops section you will find shops and places that provide accessories or windsurf rentals. Some of the popular places within the area of Chora, at the beach of Agios Georgios, is Flisvos Sportsclub in Chora (Naxos Town) and Plaka-Watersports  in the area of Plaka. There you can also do a variety of other sports such as Sailing and Mountain Bike or go on a nice sailing trip/tour.

Snorkelling excursions, waterskiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding, tubes, "banana" riding , parasailing, and canoe can also be found at Plaka-Watersports.

Kitesurf and Windsurfing can also be found in areas such as Mikri Vigla.  Surfing enthusiasts of all kinds (windsurfers, snowboarders, water skiers, kiting or paragliding fans) can experience new sensations from their favourite sport at places such as Mirki Vigla Watersports.

Horse riding is another thing you can try on Naxos.  At locations such as "Stamatis Riding Centre" at the village of Agia Anna and "Naxos Horse riding" at Aggidia, just outside of Chora Naxos (naxos town) you can practise your horse riding skills. The later also provides pony rides for children (contact: iris neubauer, tel:0030-6948-809142).

Football is also another sport you can enjoy.  Just visit the town's football stadium to either see a local football match or simply gather your friends for a friendly game.  However, do remember to take permission from someone in authority in the stadium's office.

Beach Volley and Rackets are some other very popular games, that you can play on the beach.  For instance, on a swimming trip to Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna or Plaka....keep an eye for the designated beach volley areas, where you can go and play with your friends.   Alternatively, if someone else is playing, you could ask to join them...and you never might make some new good friends or very simply have a great time.

In plain English....there is a lot of opportunities for sport on Naxos.


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